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We produce wide variety of aluminium recycled alloys.

The Remetall-S company

The Remetall-S company has a large experience over 11 years in aluminium recycling. We refine and remelt all types of aluminium scrap beginning with tissue foil.
We have a surious business reputation among our customers and export our products all over the world.

Our manufacturing process is arranged with modern european equipment. We have already achived excellent quality indicators and improving the production process, technology and products variety all the time.

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Our contacts

Sales department: office 401, 22 Partsiezda st, 45, Samara, Russian Federation.

How to reach the office

Address: Zheleznodorozhnaja str.,59, Otradnyj town, Samarskaya oblast, Russian Federation, 446300

How to drive to the factory

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