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Alloy manufacturing  is the basic specificity of TH Remetall production.

Product portfolio

Kinds of aluminium alloys:

Aluminium foundry alloys: АК5М2, АК5М2П, АК9М2, АК12М2, АК6М2, АК12, АК9, DIN 226, DIN 231.

Aluminium deformable alloys: АМг2, 3104, 5182, 5052.

Aluminium marks: АВ87, АВ91, АВ95

product specification




Weight and size of package

Alloy ingots in form of the truncated brick 5-6 kg
60мм (length)х
100мм (height)х
80мм (width)
Weigth 600-700 kg
Alloy ingots in form of the truncated brick 12-13 kg
660мм (length)х
100мм (height)х
80мм (width)
Weigth 750-900 kg. Number of ingots in package - 67
Alloy ingots in form of the truncated cube
in average 600 kg
870мм (length)х
510мм (height)х 870мм (width)


The truncated cones. Aluminium granules


For needs of ferrous metallurgy we produce the truncated cone(pyramid) and aluminium alloy granules of AB87, AB 95 marks. This kind of product is used for the carbonaceous steel fusion with the help of revolving equipment .

  • Size of pyramids depends on client needs and can vary from 40 to 60 mm.

  • Size of granules also can be different from 10 to 20 mm


The quality of our alloys is guaranteed

  • With modern equipment

    Our manufacture is outfitted with the hi-tech equipment: spanish 20 tonnes rotary furnace with german torches, technological complex for highly effective slag enrichment and further processing preparation, technological complex for scrap preparation: 18 tonnes mixer and reverberate furnace and other.

  • With the quality of our  technology

    The technology is carefully watched by several highly skilled specialists. To obtain qualitative alloy we have 3 steps system of melt purifying:
    1 level. Purifying by a gumboil - hexachlorethane.
    2 level. Purifying by argon
    3 level. Pouring through ceramic foam filter (if asked)

  • Use of purifying technology allows to reach 0-2 porosity level.

  • With modern laboratory
  • The TH Remetall laboratory is equipped with PDA-7000 Shimadzu Corporation spertrometr (Japan). This is an optical issue spectrometer with impulse distribution analyzer allowing to have a fine precision accuracy research. The analyzer uses photo-electric photometric method with multielemental analysis for alloy samples in order to guarantee the desired metallurgical structure of the final product.

    During melting, samples are regularly taken and analysed , before it is awarded the necessary certification. Even the smallest discrepancy with the specified alloy composition, down to the parts-per-million range, can be detected and adjusted.

  • With the qualification of our experts
  • Our specialists are well-trained and have wide professional experience. Alloy melting personnel is constantly improving the qualification by having trainings and passing exams.




Alloy ingots

We produce ingots in form of truncated brick weightening of 5 kg and 12 kg.



Each package is pulled together with a steel tape. Each ingot has its number of fusion mark. Every package has its own number and weight, which are drawn on it.

Ingot proportions are shown below on the scheme:



We also produce ingots in form of truncated cube weightening in average of 600 kg.


The fusion number mark and actual weight in kg of the ingot is drawn on it.

Ingot proportions are shown below on the scheme:

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