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Raw materials

We use a wide variety of raw materials from tissue foil to different types of scrap.

The list of requirements

Plane breakage

1. Piece dimensions less than 400 * 400 * 200 mm.

2. Breakage should be cut, without iron parts, plastic details and rubber.

3.Supply of fuel filter elements containing harmful impurities is strictly forbidden.

4. It is forbidden to delivery the closed cavities, fuel tanks etc.

In case breakage contains iron details and other extraneous subjects mensioned above in p.2 it is considered that scrap material has sertain size of contamination.

Household breakage

1. It is forbidden to use waste containing varnished jars and varnished tape.

2. It is forbidden to use waste having width less than 0,5 mm.

3. It is allowed to process 5% of waste having width 0,5 mm and proportions 100 х 100 х 0,5 mm.

4. It is forbidden to utilize 9-th group (foundry waste of VAZ cars) and 11-th group (fuel equipment, fuel pumps) waste.

5. It is allowed to use breakage of 8-th ( АМG-2 pipes with seams, АМG6 alloy axle boxeses) and 10-th (1915 alloy irrigation pipes without seams, automobile bumpers) group. Volume of such breakage shouldn't be more than 15% of total consignment weight.

6. It is forbidden to use leadcontaining alloy breakage of 2007,6012,6262 marks (round ingots templates).

motor breakage

MotorLom1. It is forbidden to use breakage having dimensions more than 500 х
500 х 1000 mm.

2. It is forbidden to deliver breakage having ferrous metal contamination  more than 10%.

3. 5% of total weight is possible to have pieces more than 110 х 110 х 15 mm.

4. It is forbidden to have leadcontaining ZAC (carburettor) and ML (foundry breakage from ZAZ cars) alloys.

5. The chemical alloys compound should correspond requirements of 5,6,7 alloy groups described in table №1 GOST 1639-93.

1 group 1 grade alloy requirements

Electrotechnical wires:

  • should be cut, without inclusions of fur. gland (steel vein);
  • without polyvinylchloride, paper or rubber isolation or cover;
  • shouldn't have the protective bitumen cover;
  • waste of electrotachnical wires shoudn't be armour;
  • the thickness should be more than 2 mm;
  • tape and profile thickness should be more than 1 mm and without alien aluminium and steel parts;

The breakage of 1 group 1 grade should be delivered without any varnish, enamel or  paint.
Impurity shouldn't be more:
Si < 0.5 %  ; Cu <0.1 %  ; Fe <0.4 % ;  Zn  < 0.10 % ; Pb < 0.03 % .
It is allowed to deliver electrotechnical wire packages corresponding to the above-stated requirements and having dimensions 500 * 500 * 150  mm.

1 group 2 grade alloy requirements

  • scrap and breakage not meeting the requirements of 1 grade of GOSt 1639-93;
    Including packaged one, partly having enamel, paint, paper with soot traces or food flanks with aluminium handles and mouths, without alien metal parts;
  • food ware ( with handles, mouths and traces of liquid) - 5%;
  • Pure food ware (without handles, mouths and traces of liquid) - 1-2%.

Ad31 breakage requirements

  • aluminium window profile including painted, AD31 alloy tyre and homogeneous hire edge, the press rests and others. Iron and other alloy parts are not allowed.
    Painted profile contamination is 1-1,5%.





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